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Electricity is a tool that we have grown dependent on. It is a wonderful discovery, advancing us to where we are today, and it holds many more possibilities. However, when not treated with respect and knowledge, electricity reminds us with deadly force.
Marco Koomans – Owner of Summit Electric

The Government of Alberta reported that in a five year time frame there were 600 home fires in the province related to electrical problems. As a result of those fires, there were eight deaths, 30 injuries, and over 48 million dollars in property damage. Overloaded circuits, poorly installed wiring, or electrical systems that are not properly maintained are a major cause of house fires that can be avoided with expert inspection, installation and routine maintenance.

Summit Electric is concerned about your home and place of business, and that is why we offer an electrical inspection service. As electricians, we are trained to understand your electrical systems, and qualified to remove equipment for proper inspection and replace or repair it right away.

Call 403-993-9208 to book your inspection. We can show you how to improve the electrical safety of your home or business.

Ted and I used Marco Koomans of Summit Electric many times while getting our home ready for sale and also when renovating the new home we purchased. Not only does Marco’s integrity show in his business relationships,  Marco’s friendly manner and competence in his profession make it easy to recommend him for any electrical job.  Jana and Ted Hart