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By simply changing your incandescent light bulbs to compact florescent light bulbs, you could save over $300.00 a year! And now with LED technology the cost savings are even greater.

There are many good reasons for updating the electrical in your home aside from improving the look. A major consideration is safety and reducing energy costs. House fires can cause millions of dollars in property damage. Overloaded circuits, poorly installed wiring, or electrical systems that are not properly maintained are a major cause of equipment failure and house fires that can be avoided with expert inspection, installation and routine maintenance.

With the rising costs of energy there is a growing interest in ways to improve the efficiency of our homes and businesses. The Government of Canada has introduced incentives to improve our home’s efficiency, including steps to reduce the demands on energy production by reducing the power consumption at each household. Through marketing and implementing a program to reduce incandescent light bulbs, the push is now towards the use of compact florescent bulbs and LED technology.

Summit Electric can help you decrease your environmental footprint and save money. Consider the following improvements:

  • Changing the bulbs in your home is one of the ways we can do our part for the environment and at the same time save some costs. Most of the major hardware stores have a free recycling program and the prices of energy saving bulbs are becoming more and more reasonable.
  • Inspections: being pro-active rather then re-active can sometimes mean the difference between a few hundred dollars, and a few thousand dollars, or worse -- the loss of your home or business.
  • Electrical upgrades: bringing your home or business up-to-date with code compliance can improve your safety, prevent unexpected repairs, and often reduce insurance costs.
  • Switching: control the amount of time the lights are on with motion controlled switches or timers.
  • Dimmers can increase the light bulb’s life expectancy by up to 20 times.
  • Installing a ceiling fan can contribute to substantial saving by pushing the warmer air down in the cooler months, and make you feel cooler in the warmer months.
  • Programmable thermostats: allow you to program less frequent operation while you are not at home, or during the night.
  • Surge protection and power conditioners: protect your electrical systems from spikes and drops that can be harmful to electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Tankless water heaters: only use power on demand. Hot water tanks eventually cool down even if only a couple of degrees, but still costs you even if you are not using it.
  • Solar power as a back-up system can offset energy costs or be sold back to utility companies and make use of natural energy.
  • Emergency backup systems: Power in rural areas can sometimes be intermittent. Having a backup power supply is reassuring, especially in stormy and/or cold conditions.

I am grateful to have a skilled local electrician who I can refer to my clients and friends. Marco is very knowledgeable and his work is always appreciated. Deborah Clark, Realtor