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Although many electrical questions are specific to an individual client or project, Summit Electric has put together some answers to general questions that come up frequently. We encourage all our customers to take advantage of our free estimating service, at which we can help answer your specific questions. We are concerned about your home and your safety, and are always willing to assist you in whatever way we can.

Please contact us if you have a question about your electrical.

Can I do the electrical work on my home?
The answer is yes. The way that permits are set up allows the home owner to do their own work providing they are the owners, and they are currently living in the home. However, there are some things to consider. Qualified electricians spend years in training, gaining experience with every job. As well, the code book is a guideline that everyone must follow, homeowner and electrician alike. The code book is updated every three years with an overwhelming amount of information to consider. There is information available on the internet, but caution is strongly advised. Some site information is misleading, or may not apply to the area you live in. A considerable amount of research is required when undertaking your own electrical work.

Something else to keep in mind is your insurance. Here is a story to illustrate [shared by a local insurance company]: An individual was renovating their home and decided to do the electrical on their own without a qualified electrician. The wiring resulted in an arc that led to a fire which caused $350,000 in damage and jeopardized their insurance. Don’t let yourself get caught in a similar situation.

When should I call an electrician?
Electrical problems sometimes give you warning signs -- like a breaker that trips and won’t reset -- but often there are no obvious warning signs. For example, the switch that works fine until that one time it suddenly sparks. If you have any electrical concerns please call Summit Electric. An electrical inspection is a good place to start. Your home can be assessed and recommendations made. Have a trusted and qualified electrician work on your electrical system, as there are many areas that require expertise in order to do the work safely.

I want to update my lights but I don’t want a big renovation.
It is true that some changes require a renovation. Summit Electric has been in the electrical renovation business a long time and our goal is to complete the job with minimal impact. Give us a call. Summit Electric can usually find a lighting solution for you.

How can I make my home safer?
There are many ways to make your home safer. Some of the newest safety improvements directly affect the residential home, such as the introduction of arc fault circuit interrupters that are designed to protect against electrical arcing.

The best solution is to have Summit Electric do an inspection of your home’s electrical condition. With an inspection, problems can be identified and recommendations can be made. Your safety inspection will be completed by Marco Koomans, the owner and operator of Summit Electric, who brings over 15 years of electrical experience to the job.

What services do you offer?
Summit Electric is a complete service electrical contractor that operates out of Redwood Meadows. We specialize in serving Calgary and surrounding areas. For full details please see our services menu.

By offering free estimates, we have the opportunity to meet with you at your home, clarify what your specific electrical needs are, and properly prepare to complete your project. Especially in rural areas, it is important to accurately calculate the exact equipment and supplies needed for each job, as suppliers can be an hour or more away, and missing items cause unnecessary delays.

Do you offer seniors discount?
Yes we do. Not only does Summit Electric offer a seniors discount, we also stand behind our work and customer service.

We were first introduced to Marco and Summit Electric when we were doing a bathroom renovation.  The renovation had a difficult and serious electrical problem which was holding up progress.  Marco came in, identified and corrected the problem with a simple and understandable solution.  Marco resolved the problem and the renovation got back on schedule.  We have had Summit Electric back to do all our electrical work.

Marco and Summit Electric are reasonably priced, well trained professional trades.  They treated us with respect as they explained the problem and solution.  When the work was complete the entire area was left clean. We will only use Summit Electric for all our electric work in the future and strongly recommend Summit Electric to others.  Gary & Coralee Palmer